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Palapas Kits

What is included in a kit?
Pre-marked and drilled wooden frame, pressure treated wood, a double layer of pre-woven, easy to install thatch, hardware, and assembly instructions.

Is the wood uniform in color/texture?
No. The palapas are meant to appear somewhat rustic, rough and slightly imperfect. The few visible cracks and variance in wood hue add to the desire effect, a beautiful, authentic palapa.

Is it hard to build my own palapa?
The single pole palapa is the easiest to build. A handy person, comfortable with the use of a hand drill and staple gun should have no trouble following the instructions to put together a palapa. The pre-woven thatching is easy to install. The 2 poles “Cancun” style and the 4 poles “Huts” are somewhat more complicated and require two people to put them together.

What if the palapa is bigger or smaller than I had envisioned?
Be sure of the size that you choose, as the palapas are not returnable items. You might want to mark out the size to help you imagine how it will look when complete.

How tall are the palapas?
The highest point ranges from approximately 8’7” for the 8' palapa to 9’3” for the 11' palapa umbrella. Head clearance varies from 6’8” to about 7' (thatch fringe will hang slightly longer).


What can I use to cover my tiki bar, awning, barbecue, or custom rooftop?
Thatch capes, each measuring about 3’ x 4’, are perfect for any custom size structure.

How do I install the thatch capes?
Lay them side by side like shingles and staple into place. Always use a double layer and use ½” staples (or slightly larger). Start in the front of your structure, then lay another row above it, etc.

How much should I buy?
A good rule of thumb, although not exact, is to take the total square footage to be covered and double it (for a double layer of thatch). Each cape measures about 12 sq ft, so divide the total by 12 and then add 10 or 15% for overlapping and overhang. The result is the approximate number of capes needed for your project.
*Remember to buy in multiples of 12, as the capes are packed in bales with 12 pcs in each bale.

Does the thatch shed or unravel?
No. You can easily cut and trim the thatch pieces to fit corners and sides.

How long does the thatch last?
In dry climates woven thatching usually lasts about 4 or five years or less if exposed to constant humidity. We recommend covering your thatch if you live in an area that is always wet, or when it snows.

Does the thatch require any special care?
No. When thatch is new and first exposed to the rain, the palm sometimes leaches a natural runoff that can spot the ground, but washes off. To avoid unnecessary cleanup work, the thatch should be thoroughly hosed down. This may be repeated a couple of times.

Does the thatch withstand heavy winds?
The woven thatch on properly installed palapas holds up well in heavy coastal California winds– tiny woven holes permit air circulation and will “breathe” with the wind instead of fighting it as canvas or metal does.


Do I want one?
Tables slip over the top of the palapa pole before putting together the framing, so you should decide in advance if you are going to want one. Various sizes are available.

Online Order

Why was my credit card charged and my product(s) still haven't arrived?

Because the majority of our products are special order, your credit card will be charged at the time that you place your order. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please call us at (858) 272-1598.

I'm ordering a kit, a tabletop and some extra thatch. Will I be charged shipping?
You will not be charged shipping for your kit. The tabletop and extra thatch will incur a slight charge, which will be reflected on the checkout section of your shopping cart. You will not be charged until you hit the "complete order" button to submit your order.

I need to return something. Why is there a 15% restocking fee?
The 15% restocking fee is in affect for all sales over $100, to cover our own time and expense involved in a return item. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, our customer service staff will try to help you with this on a case-by-case basis.

I have sent an e-mail and left messages, no one has replied to me.
Because tropicalshade.net is growing rapidly, our customer based has doubled and many people still have many questions to be answered. We try to respond to everyone within 48 business hours. If we have not responded within 48 business hours, please contact us at (858) 272-1598.

Can I purchase a palapa as a surprise birthday or wedding gift?
Of course. Be sure to coordinate this directly with us. We will try our best to coordinate shipping within your time frame or if your palapa is to be built by our installers in Southern California* or Las Vegas, we will work with you to keep the surprise a secret!

*San Diego, Orange County and parts of Riverside County.

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